How much funding does this program have?

Key Community Housing has set aside preliminary funds to launch this program. 100% of the funds will be used to provide emergency rental assistance.

What happens in the event of depleted funds?

In the event of depleted funds, Key Community Housing will institute a funding freeze. On an ongoing basis, the organization will work on raising funds. The program operates on a first-come first-served basis (as long as they are eligible). If funding becomes an issue, applicants will be notified in advance. Our website and social media will also provide information on this funding freeze.

What is your selection criteria?

Selection criteria is created to ensure the neediest of families and individuals are being served with this program. Key Community Housing reserves the right in how they define neediest.

How often may someone apply for rental assistance?

An applicant may apply one-time in a calendar year for as-needed financial support. Addresses will be matched to ensure that adults in the same household are not applying under different names in two or more different months in the same calendar year.

What happens to applicants who don’t get approved?

If applicants are not approved, they will be informed of our decision right away so that they can seek assistance elsewhere. Key Community Housing will also make appropriate referrals as requested to other social-service agencies who may be better suited to assist the applicant(s).

How do you measure success?

a. Key Community Housing measures success via the following:
i. Number of residents served
ii. Number of evictions prevented
iii. Dollar amount provided to residents for lease payments

How will funds be raised?

Key Community Housing will raise funds in the community via foundational support, community-driven fundraisers as well as external and internal individual giving campaigns. The goal is to provide this program as an annual initiative of the organization so as to serve further applicants with their one-time rental assistance needs.